how does stress affect your social life

by Cathy
(Salt Lake City)

Just out of curiosity, how does stress affect one's social life? Something is changing and I can't figure out why. Thank you.

Cathy, thank you for your question. It is a good one.

Stress can definitely play a significant role in your social life, and kind of dupe you that it is all at the same time.

Chronic stress, or being out of your natural state of being for an extended period of time will often create a sense of moodiness, having a shorter fuse, more judgemental, gossipy, increased irritability, increased isolation, etc.

But, most of my clients have talked about not connecting the dots to those types of experiences as being connected to stress. They are more likely attributed to an external source (spouse or partner, work, kids, the other person is driving you nuts and if they would just change....)

Your best sign that stress is impacting your social life is that you are asking the question. Take my stress management survey to learn in what other ways of your life stress is also affecting you.

And, I'd be very happy to talk with you for free about it if that will help.

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