How does stress change the quality of life?

by Mark
(Sante Fe, NM)

What are your thoughts on how does stress change the quality of life?

Thank you for the question, Mark. Well, to begin, it isn't really stress that will have an impact on the quality of your life because experiencing stress is part of the human condition. Problems arise when "normal" stress become chronic.

When normal stress becomes chronic, that is when you will begin to notice initial subtle changes happening physically, emotionally, in your relationships, and overall quality of life. Stress impacts each person differently, and the body is amazingly resilient so the path towards a decline in your quality of life can begin and you may not realize it.

That is what can be so difficult for so many clients. The impact of chronic stress is typically quite gradual. You might begin noticing little things, i.e. more headaches, body aches, neck/muscle tension, not sleeping as well, more stomach problems, becoming more irritable, etc.

As I have mentioned, the body is very resilient and it has an amazing capacity to adapt. It's main job is to help you to survive, and one way that it accomplishes that is by constantly trying to adapt to stress. It sounds crazy, but it is quite extraordinary how quickly we begin to adapt to those little aches and pains. It's pretty easy to blow them off, particularly when nothing is so "wrong" that you have to go see a doctor. The problem is is that something IS are asking your body to function from an out of balance state of being when stressed. That is what ultimately will have the biggest impact on your health, well-being, and quality of life.

Take good care,

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